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Eleventh International Symposium on
Mass Spectrometry in the Health & Life Sciences:
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Poster Listing

Instructions for poster presenters

Poster Session A

A.1 Lessons learned during eight years of using iTRAQ in the proteomic study of pathology.
M. Jullig* , M. Middleditch, G. Cooper
A.2 Whole animal 15N metabolic pulse chase labeling shows which proteins are built to last.
J. Savas*, B. Toyama, V. Levram‑Ellisman, R. Tsien, M. Hetzer, J. Yates
A.3 Protein evolution through the lens of the sperm proteome.
T. Karr*
A.4 MEK and PI3K dual‑inhibition elicits pathway‑specific and mitochondrial ubiquitination.
D. Bustos*, J. Baughman, L. Phu, T. Dogan, W.F. Forrest, K.P. Hoeflich, D. S. Kirkpatrick
A.5 Preserved Proteins from Extinct Bison latifrons Identified by Tandem Mass Spectrometry.
A. Barrett*, R.C. Hill, T. Nemkov, A. D'Alessandro, M. Dzieciatkowska, K.C. Hansen
A.6 Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Endogenous Tau Modifications in Mice.
G. Knudsen*, M. Morris, S. Maeda, J.C. Trinidad, A. Ianoviciu, A.L. Burlingame, L. Mucke
A.7 Advances in antibody‑based proteomic analysis.
M.P. Stokes*, H. Gu, C.L. Farnsworth, J.M. Ren, K.A. Lee, J.C. Silva
A.8 Proteomics versus transcriptomics for the identification of cancer biomarkers: the case of brain-derived metastatic breast cancer cells.
M.D. Dun, R.J. Chalkley, S. Keene, R.A. Bradshaw and H. Hondermarck*
A.9 Evolution of separate predation- and defence-evoked venoms in carnivorous cone snails.
S. Dutertre, A-H. Jin*, I. Vetter, B. Hamilton, K. Sunagar, V. Lavergne, V. Dutertre, B.G. Fry, A. Antunes, D.J. Venter, P.F. Alewood and R.J. Lewis
A.10 A Standardized Scoring System for Affinity Purification/Mass Spectrometry Data.
X. Li*, B. White, R. Guerra, J. Chen
A.11 Large Scale Proteomic Characterisation of sites of Proline Hydroxylation in human proteins.
D. Bensaddek*, S.C. Moser, B. Ortmann, S. Rocha, J.R. Swedlow, A.I. Lamond
A.12 Using the Exactive Plus EMR mass spectrometer for probing protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions.
J.B. Johnston*, Ž. Roe-Žurž, M. Trnka, S. Guan, P.R. Ortiz de Montellano, D. Agard, A.L. Burlingame
A.13 A Chemical Probe for Protein Lysine Malonylation.
Q. Zhao*
A.14 Top Down Venom Analysis with Byonic Software.
M. Bern*, D. Kletter, D. Fenyo, D. Morgenstern, B. Ueberheide, N. Bern, W. Tang, Y.J. Kil, C. Becker
A.15 Treatment‑induced Apoptotic Peptides as Efficacy Biomarkers in Mouse Models.
J. Seaman* and J.A. Wells
A.16 Extracellular Matrix Quantification of Tissue Engineered Scaffolds: Analysis of Rat Lung using the QconCAT Method.
R. Hill*, E.A. Calle, L.E. Niklason, K.C. Hansen
A.17 Proteomic analysis of the role of the translation initiation factor eIF4E in C. elegans.
J. Oses‑Prieto* , M. Quimis Ponce, Q. Dong, A.L. Burlingame, R.E. Rhoads
A.18 Performance Investigation of a Novel Integrated Microfluidics Platform in High-Throughput LC-MS MRM Disease Protein Marker Verification.
R. Martin*, C. Hughes, L.A. Gethings, J. PC Vissers and J.I. Langridge
A.19 Mass spectrometry reveals coordinated regulation of ubiquitin substrates and polyubiquitin linkages on mitochondria.
L. Phu*, J.M. Baughman, C.N. Cunningham, J.S. Tea, J.E. Corn, B. Bingol, D.S. Kirkpatrick
A.20 MS-Viewer as a Spectral Viewer for Results Evaluation, Publication and Exchange.
R.J. Chalkley* and P. Baker


Poster Session B

B.1 Development of a Proximity Labeling Method to Identify the Protein Targets of Bioactive Small Molecules.
Z. Hill*, M. Zhuang, J. Wells
B.2 Modelling atherosclerosis: Molecular changes in the ascending aorta of cholesterol‑fed rabbits.
J. Xu*,M. Jüllig, M.J. Middleditch, G.J.S. Cooper
B.3 Post‑translational modification networks.
V. van Noort*
B.4 Extracellular Phosphorylation in the Murine Synaptosome.
J.C. Trinidad*, R. Schoepfer, A.L. Burlingame, K.F. Medzihradszky
B.5 Using Selective Reaction Monitoring (SRM) mass spectrometry to unmask regulatory feedback loops controlling adipogenesis.
R. Ahrends*, A. Ota, K.M. Kovary, T. Kudo, B.O. Park, M.N. Teruel
B.6 Application of quantitative and functional phosphoproteomics in study of ethylene signaling .
N. Li*
B.7 Intact N‑ and O‑linked glycopeptide identification from HCD data using Byonic.
K.F. Medzihradszky*, J. Maynard, K. Kaasik, M. Bern
B.8 Factors that contribute to the complexity of glycopeptide analysis – besides site‑specific heterogeneity.
K.F. Medzihradszky* , Z. Darula
B.9 Characterizing qualitative and quantitative global changes in the aging heart using pSMART, a novel acquisition method.
M.S. Vogelsang, A. Prakas, D. Sarracino, G. Vadali, S. Peterman
B.10 Quantitative Site‑Specific Profiling S‑glutathionylation in Macrophages in Response to Engineered Nanomaterial‑induced Oxidative Stress.
J. Duan*, V.K. Kodali, M.J. Gaffrey, J. Guo, R.K. Chu, D.G. Camp , R.D. Smith, B. Thrall, and W‑J. Qian
B.11 O‑GlcNAc regulates SOX2 activity in embryonic stem cells by altering protein‑SOX2 interactions.
S. Myers* ,S. Pedadda, T. Freidrich, S. Thomas, G. Krings, M. Lopez, M. Trinidad, B. Panning, A. Burlingame
B.12 Development of multiplexed assays for oral cancer biomarker verification by peptide immunoaffinity enrichment and targeted mass spectrometry.
Y‑C. Hsiao*, L‑M. Chi, K‑Y. Chien, Y‑T. Chen, Y‑S. Chang, J‑S. Yu
B.13 Characterisation of Glycosylation of Paramyxovirus Surface Glycoproteins by Mass Spectrometry.
C.L. Pegg*, C. Hoogland, S.M. Johnson, C.C. Gonzalez, M.E. Peeples, J.J. Gorman
B.14 Developing A New In Vivo Cross‑linking Mass Spectrometry Platform to Define Protein‑Protein Interactions in Living Cells.
R.M. Kaake, X. Wang, A. Burke, C. Yu, W. Kandur, Y. Yang, E.J. Novtisky, T. Second, J. Duan, A. Kao, S. Guan, D. Vellucci, S.D. Rychnovsky, L. Huang*
B.15 High‑resolution Orbitrap characterization of preferential chain pairing in co‑expressed bispecific antibody production by MS under native and acidic conditions.
L. Schachner*, J. Zhou, L. McCarty, D. Ellerman, M. Dillon, C. Spiess, J. Lill, P. Carter and W. Sandoval
B.16 Controlling low rates of cell differentiation through noise and ultra-high feedback.
R. Ahrends, A. Ota, K.M. Kovary, T. Kudo, B.O. Park, and M.N. Teruel*
B.17 Application of “Motif Magnet” to Identify Interacting Proteins of Histone & Non-Histone Mark.
V. Pham*, R. Pitti, A. Masselot, M. Classon, J.R. Lill
B.18 Travelling Wave Ion Mobility Assisted Duty Cycle Enhancements for Targeted and Non-Targeted Proteomics Experiments.
R. Martin*, C. Hughes, L.A. Gethings, J.PC Vissers, J.I Langridge
B.19 Physiological consequences of loss of OGT dependent O-GlcNAcylation in hepatocytes.
K. Kaasik* and A.L. Burlingame
B.20 Using selective reaction monitoring (SRM) mass spectrometry to quantify nuclear protein abundance differences between adipose tissue depots of insulin-resistant mice.
A. Ota*, K.M. Kovary, R. Ahrends, W-J. Shen, M.J. Costa, B. Feldman, F. Kraemer and M. Teruel


Poster Session C

C.1 Non‑biased identification and kinetic analysis of Caspase‑2 and Caspase‑6 proteolytic substrates in cell lysate.
O. Julien*, M. Zhuang, J.A. Wells
C.2 Sensitive Isoform‑specific Quantification of ERK Phosphorylation Dynamics and Stoichiometry in Human Cells by PRISM‑SRM.
W. Qian*, T. Shi, Y. Gao, M.J. Gaffrey, T.L. Fillmore, C.D. Nicora, W.B. Chrisler, M.A. Gritsenko, R.D. Smith, D.G. Camp, T. Liu, K.D. Rodland, S.H. Wiley
C.3 Comprehensive Proteomic Dissection of the Battle Between Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Host Cells.
J. Gorman*, K. Dave, E. Norris, M. Headlam, T. Singh, K. Chappel, A. Bukreyev, U. Buchholz, P. Collins
C.4 Improved Peak Detection and Deconvolution of Native Protein Complex Electrospray Mass Spectra.
J. Lu*, M. Trnka, S. Guan, A.L. Burlingame
C.5 Targeted proteomic analysis reveals potential saliva biomarker for recurrence monitoring of oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma.
L‑C. Chu*, Y‑T. Chen, J‑S. Yu, Y‑S. Chang
C.6 In vivo cross‑linking combined with Affinity‑Purification Mass Spectrometry and label‑free quantification to study human proteasome complexes: Composition, subcellular distribution, and preferential subcomplexes associations.
B. Fabre*, T. Lambour, L. Garrigues, T. Menneteau, M. Ducoux, F. Amalric, B. Monsarrat, M‑P. Bousquet‑Dubouch, O. Burlet‑Schiltz
C.7 Proteomic mapping of living cells with an evolved peroxidase reporter, and application to mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum proteomes.
S. Lam*, V. Hung, J.D. Martell, N.D. Udeshi, V.K. Mootha, S.A. Carr, A.Y. Ting
C.8 Optimization of Glycopeptide Enrichment using Lectin Weak Affinity Chromatography.
J. Maynard*, K. Kaasik, A.L. Burlingame
C.9 Single Cell Proteomic Analysis of the Cell Cycle.
K. Kovary* and M. Teruel
C.10 Comprehensive Identification of Protein Sequence Variants and Posttranslational Modifications in 10 Human Cell Lines.
A.J. Cesnik*, M.R. Shortreed, G.M. Sheynkman, B.L. Frey, and L.M. Smith
C.11 Expanding the Role of TAK1 in Immune and Inflammatory Response Through Chemical Genetics.
R. Levin*, N. Hertz, J. Gorda, A. Burlingame, K. Shokat
C.12 Investigating HIV-mediated dynamics of Cullin RING E3 ligases and ubiquitination by targeted proteomics.
R. Hüttenhain*, J.R. Johnson, D. Crosby, L. Satkamp, T.L. Johnson, W. Newton, N.J. Krogan
C.13 Validating plasma-based biomarkers for ovarian cancer using targeted proteomics.
R. Hüttenhain*, M. Choi, C-Y. Chang, D. Dinulescu, O. Vitek, E. Nimèus-Malmström, R. Aebersold
C.14 Interaction Proteomics of the exocytosis machinery – an essential role for septin dynamics.
E. Tokhtaeva, J. Capri, E. Marcus, J. Whitelegge*, V. Khuzakhmetova, E. Bukharaeva, N. Deiss-Yehiely, L. Dada, G. Sachs, O. Vagin
C.15 Site‑specific N‑Glycosylation Mapping for Glycopeptides in the Presence of Other Unknown Post‑translational Modifications.
B. Wang*, D. Salom, K. Palczewski, M.R. Chance
C.16 Protein interaction networks involved in lineage specific transcriptional programs.
P. Samavarchi‑Tehrani*, J‑P. Lambert, B. Larsen, M. Tucholska, A‑C. Gingras
C.17 Investigating the Role of DUBA in Th17 Cells Using Mass Spectrometry.
Q. Phung*, S. Rutz, N. Kayagaki, C. Eidenschenk, R. Noubade, J. Lesch, R. Lu, K. Newton, O. Huang, A.G. Cochran, J. DeVoss, J. Webster, L. Diehl, D.S. Kirkpatrick, W. Ouyang, V.M. Dixit, J. Lill
C.18 Application of multi-omic and functional network analysis for paediatric patients diagnosed with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome.
R. Martin*, L.A. Gethings, J.P.C. Vissers, J. Shockcor, S. McDonald, S. Kraljević Pavelić, M. Sedic, O. Vasieva
C.19 Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals a link from Brassinosteroid signaling to RNA splicing and flowering in Arabidopsis.
S. Xu*, Z. Deng, W. Ni, R.J. Chalkley, P. Baker, S. Patil, M.J. Trnka, A. Urisman,C. Park, A.L. Burlingame, Z-Y. Wang
C.20 Comparison of Bone Proteome in Ovariectomised Rats Supplemented with Alpha-Tocopherol and Palm vitamin E.
P. Okechukwu*, I.N. Soelaiman, G. Anisah, R. Froemming, M.Y. Idorus, N. Mohamed

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