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Tenth International Symposium on
Mass Spectrometry in the Health & Life Sciences:
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Poster Listing

Instructions for poster presenters

Poster Session A

A.1 PPKs mediate direct signal transfer from phytochrome photoreceptors to transcription factor PIF3.
W Ni*, S-L Xu, E González-Grandio, RJ Chalkley, AFR Humer, AL Burlingame, Z-Y Wang, PH Quail
A.2 Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics of Human Breast Milk to Identify Potential Breast Cancer Biomarkers.
R Aslebagh*, D Channaveerappa, KF Arcaro, CC Darie
A.3 Profiling Biochemical Individuality: Human Personal Omics Profiling (hPOP).
S Ahadi*, H Rost, L Liang, M Snyder
A.4 Towards a Human Chemo-proteomic Database: Profiling Structurally Diverse Chemical Space to Map Proteome-wide Interactions.
F Garcia*, K Cheon, H Wang, A Liaw, V Mishra, AM Wassermann, B Dill, B Ruprecht, A Chi, X Qiao, I Cornella-Taracido
A.5 Development of Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Assays for Species-matched Surrogate Antibody Fragments in Ocular Matrices.
H Hernandez-Barry*, RF Kelley, D Tesar, W Shatz, L Comps-Agrar, J Chan, K Xu, L Liu, Y Liu, M Maia, K Loyet
A.6 The functional landscape of human protein phosphorylation.
D Ochoa*, A Jarnuczak, JA Jizaíno, P Beltrao
A.7 Direct Proximity Tagging of Small Molecule Protein Targets.
Z Hill*, SB Pollock, M Zhuang, JA Wells
A.8 iST: a reproducible sample preparation method for in-depth proteome discovery and interaction proteomics.
D Pichler*, F Hosp, N Kulak, M Mann
A.9 Requirements of O-GlcNAcylation in hepatocytes and liver metabolic function.
K Kaasik*, R Chalkley, AL Burlingame
A.10 A Tale of Two – Data Independent Acquisition applied to maximize proteome coverage and throughput.
RM Bruderer, OM Bernhardt, T Gandhi, J Muntel, S Müller, P Mironova, O Walter, J Carayol, J Hager, A Valsesia, L Dayon, A Astrup, WHM Saris, F Marty*, L Reiter
A.11 Quantifying early events on mitochondria in the PINK1/PARKIN ubiquitin ligase signaling cascade.
A Ordureau*, JA Paulo, J Zhang, W Harper
A.12 Pyrraline, Argpyrimidine and carboxymethyllysine adducts of advanced glycated apoA-IV do not change the apolipoprotein ability in removing cell cholesterol and inhibiting inflammation in macrophages.
LS Okuda*, R Pickford, M Patel, T Woods, M Brimble, K-A Rye, M Passarelli
A.13 High-Throughput Screening of Proteoform-Specific Binding of a Chemical Library.
D Wang*, G Gil, P Mao
A.14 Accurate measurement of acetylation stoichiometry by quantitative MS.
B Weinert*, C Choudhary, B Karbech Hansen
A.15 Extraction and Characterization of Prenylated Proteins.
J Wilkins*, AL Burlingame
A.16 Profiling the Distribution of N-Glycosylation in Therapeutic Antibodies using LC or CE separation in combination with a QTRAP® 6500 System.
J Albanese*, CL Hunter, NS Meitei, A Guttman, M Szigeti
A.17 Identifying the N-terminal acetyltransferases involved in N-terminal Acetylation of RNA polymerase II subunits.
A Saraf*, A Mosley, Y Hao, MP Washburn, L Florens
A.18 Deciphering the Mechanism of Interferon Regulation in pDCs Using Phospho and Ubiquitin Remnant Motif Proteomics.
DM Walther*, A Pellerin, K Li, D Rabah, P Juhasz
A.19 Ancient regulatory role of lysine acetylation.
S Payne*, ES Nakayasu
A.20 Mechanistic characterization of key factors that drive antibody drug conjugate in vitro efficacy: intracellular payload deconjugation and accumulation relative to free drug potency.
J dela Cruz-Chuh*, Y Liu, KR Kozak
A.21 Label-free Quantification of Nascent Proteins in Primary Astrocyte Cells by Incorporation of O-Propargyl-puromycin, Affinity Purification, and LC-MS/MS Analysis.
I Koppel, NJ Phillips*, Q Zhao, RJ Chalkley, JA Oses-Prieto, M Fainzilber, A. Burlingame
A.22 Multiple QconCAT biosynthesis in a cell-free protein synthesis system.
N Takemori*, A Takemori, Y Tanaka, Y Endo, JL Hurst, G Gómez-Baena, VM Harman, RJ Beynon
A.23 Defining the Cell Surface Proteome of MLL Rearranged Leukemia.
M Nix*, AP Wiita
A.24 Reliable protein quantification in the OpenMS software framework.
L Nilse*, O Schilling, M Biniossek
A.25 Engineering peptide ligase specificity to enable unbiased global sequencing of proteolytic cleavage sites.
A Weeks*, JA Wells
A.26 Mitochondrial ATP synthase disorders investigated by quantitative proteomics of CRISPR-Cas9 knockout cell lines.
M Vrbacky*, J Kovalcikova, K Harant, A Pecinova, J Houstek, T Mracek
A.27 Modification site-specific pathway analysis applied to phosphoproteomes detects unique perturbation signatures that are not accessible to gene-centric pathway analysis.
K Krug*, P Mertins, B Zhang, P Hornbeck, R Raju, R Ahmad, M Szucs, P Tamayo, JP Mesirov, JD Jaffe, SA Carr, DR Mani
A.28 Identification of Novel Autoantigens in Autoimmune Encephalitis.
G Knudsen*, C Mandel-Brehm, C Liverman, Y Schollmeier, BD O'Donovan, T Huynh, SJ Pleasure, MR Wilson, AL Burlingame, JL DeRisi
A.29 Combined Top-down and Bottom-up Proteomics using Capillary Electrophoresis–Mass Spectrometry.
C-H Chen*, A Gajadhar, I Ntai, A Huhmer
A.30 AltitudeOmics: Red Blood Cell Metabolic Adaptation to High Altitude Hypoxia.
T Nemkov*, A D'Alessandro, AA Monte, AW Subhudi, AT Lovering, KC Hansen, RC Roach
A.31 Sharing Annotated Spectra when Standard Formats are not an Option.
RJ Chalkley*, P Baker
A.32 Characterizing covalent protein-DNA adducts in the human cell.
E Myers*, K Kiianitsa, N Maizels, S-E Ong
A.33 Unbiased phosphoproteomics reveals a therapeutically-relevant connection between pre-mRNA splicing and proteasome inhibition in multiple myeloma.
HH Huang*, C Lam, A Thornton, M Mariano, I Ferguson, BC Hann, AN Brooks, AP Wiita
A.34 Unraveling White Lupin's Signal Transduction in Response to Phosphorus Deficiency using iTRAQ Labeling, Phosphopeptide Enrichment, and Tandem Mass Spectrometry.
M Amadi*, C Uhde-Stone, K Li, R Chalkley, AL Burlingame
A.35 Identification of Lysyl Oxidase Generated Protein Crosslinks in Collagen.
K Hansen*, A Barrett, P Baker, R Chalkley
A.36 Top-down strategies to better localize post-translational modifications of integral membrane proteins.
J Whitelegge*


Poster Session B

B.1 Nutrient Regulation of Transcription & Signaling by O-GlcNAc: Fundamental Roles in Diabetes, Neurodegeneration and Cancer.
G Hart*
B.2 Characterization of Glycoproteins by Top Down UVPD Analysis.
C Going*, R Huguet, D Lopez Ferrer, V Zabrouskov, AF Huhmer, S Pitteri
B.3 Proteomics as a Tool for Biological Forensics.
E Merkley*, SC Jenson, DS Wunschel, KL Wahl, N Heller, KH Jarman
B.4 Spectral Library of Mouse Brain Proteome.
S Guan*, N Johnson, J Chen, AL Burlingame
B.5 Specter: linear deconvolution as a new paradigm for targeted analysis of data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry proteomics.
R Peckner*, SA Myers, JD Egertson, RS Johnson, SA Carr, MJ MacCoss, JD Jaffe
B.6 Targeting RAS Driven Cancers with Antibodies to Upregulated and Functionally Important Cell-Surface Proteins.
AJ Martinko*, C Truillet, O Julien, J Diaz, M Horlbeck, G Whiteley, J Blonder, J Weissman, S Bandyopadhyay, M Evans, JA Wells
B.7 Defining Kinase Inhibitor Polypharmacology with Multiplexed Inhibitor Bead Proteomics: Abemaciclib Inhibits Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 Beta to Activate WNT Signaling.
EM Cousins*, D Goldfarb, F Yan, J Roques, D Darr, GL Johnson, MB Major
B.8 Large-scale phosphoproteomics reveals Shp2 phosphatase-dependent regulators of Pdgf receptor signaling.
TS Batth*, M Papetti, A Pfeiffer, C Francavilla, JV Olsen
B.9 Identification of Predictive Biomarkers For Radiation Injury From Circulating Serum And Urine Exosomes.
E Chen*, A Ribault, S Kulkarni, A Koller
B.10 Quantitative comparison of the O-GlcNAcome in Female and Male Embryonic Stem Cells.
JC Maynard*, EA Martin, B Panning, AL Burlingame
B.11 Investigation of novel MELK interacting proteins and signaling pathways in triple-negative breast cancer.
IM McDonald*, RC Martinez Chacin, X Wang, LE Herring, MJ Emanuele, LM Graves
B.12 Characterizing the inducible degradation of mutant PIK3CA using mass spectrometry.
L Phu*, KA Edgar, K Song, W Forrest, L Friedman, DS Kirkpatrick
B.13 High throughput proteomics approach reveals mechanistic basis of acute viral pathogenesis mediated by an RNAi suppressor protein in insect cells.
A Nayak*, M Trnka, K Li, C Kerr, E Jan, AL Burlingame, R Andino
B.14 Chemoproteomic Approaches Toward Small Molecule Support in Drug Discovery.
V Pham*, J Crawford, K Edgar, L Friedman, N Ghilardi, A Johnson, A Katewa, W Lee, S Staben, W Young, JR Lill
B.15 Proximity biotinylation identifies protein factors associated with the mitochondrial genome in living cells.
S Han*, N Udeshi, T Deerinck, T Svinkina, M Ellisman, S Carr, A Ting
B.16 Protein interaction network of ERα and AP-2γ in breast cancer cells.
E Cheung*, G Cui, B Poudel, M Lam, K Lei, T Poon
B.17 An optimized protocol for global proteome and phosphoproteome analysis that yields highly reproducible and deep coverage within and across laboratories.
LC Tang*, P Mertins, MA Gillette, T Liu, H Zhang, MA Gritsenko, TR Clauss, P Shah, L Chen, KR Clauser, F Mundt, SA Carr
B.18 The Power of Quantitative Multiplexing - Combining TMT discovery and targeted label free workflows for biomarker analysis.
A Gajadhar*, X Jiang, S Snovida, D Horn, V Spicer, O Krokhin, R Viner, A Huhmer
B.19 Global proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of the LRRK2 G2019S mutation in iPSC-derived midbrain dopaminergic neurons.
J Martin*, H Booth, B Gao, K Li, C Roberts, N Allaire, J Vowles, S Cowley, P Juhasz, R Wade-Martins, WD Hirst
B.20 Uncovering protein networks in microbial systems: a possible functional link between protein translation and the biosynthesis of Fe-S cluster in Azotobacter vinelandii.
C Zheng*, B Buchanan, PC Dos Santos
B.21 The Missing Link: methods for analysis of proteins bound to long non-coding RNAs.
C Hartigan*, M Munschauer, M Schenone, SA Carr, ES Lander
B.22 Proteomics workflow using dissolvable polyacrylamide gels.
A Takemori*, N Takemori, P Wongkongkathep, M Nshanian,RR Ogorzalek Loo, F Lermyte, S Wu, JA Loo
B.23 Multi-omics study of medulloblastoma.
T Archer, T Ehrenberger, F Mundt*, K Krug, P Mertins, DR Mani, M Gillette, K Clauser, M Gold, P Tamayo, P Northcott, S Pfister, SL Pomeroy, JP Mesirov, S Carr, E Fraenkel
B.24 Phospho-proteomics study of AMPK signaling pathway.
Zhen Chen*, Caoqi Lei, Junjie Chen
B.25 Multi-omics of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Hypomethylation by Azacitidine.
K Leung*, A Nguyen, T Shi, L Tang, L Escoubet, K MacBeth, J DiMartino, J Wells
B.26 In-cell chemical crosslinking identifies hotspots for p62-IκBα interaction and reveals the critical role of p62 in IκBα-mediated NFκB transcriptional repression.
Y Liu*, M Trnka, D Kwon, JP Grenert, MA Correia
B.27 Clinical applications of universal S-Trap sample processing.
J Wilson*, NS Turna, R Banks, DJC Pappin, A Zougman
B.28 Approximating isotopic distributions of biomolecule fragment ions.
D Goldfarb*, M Lafferty, L Herring, W Wang, MB Major
B.29 Developing a quantitative mass spectrometric-based assay to monitor global deubiquitinase activities in response to DUB inhibitor perturbation.
T Ma*, D Hewings, B Forrest, J Heideker, L Kategaya, A Fedorova, O Huang, J Lill, IE Wertz, K Yu
B.30 Antibodies to biotin enable large-scale detection of biotinylation sites on proteins.
T Svinkina*, ND Udeshi, K Pedram, S Fereshetian, SA Myers, O Aygun, K Krug, K Clauser, D Ryan, T Ast, VK Mootha, AY Ting, SA Carr
B.31 Direct in-gel profiling of protease specificity - DIPPS.
R Vidmar*, M Vizovisek, D Turk, B Turk, M Fonovic
B.32 Identification of the Hedgehog Signalling Modulator Dynarrestin.
S Höing, T-Y Yeh, M Baumann, N Martinez, L Kremer, HCA Drexler*, P Kuchler, S Ziegler, P Reinhardt, P Habenberger, A Choidas, M Zischinsky, G Zischinsky, L Wagner, RM Abo-Rady, P Nussbaumer, B Klebl, T Schroer, HR Schöler, H Maldmann, JL Sterneckert
B.33 Comprehensive proteome characterization and improved strategies for multi-PTM analysis.
J Oses-Prieto*, J Maynard, S Chand, AL Burlingame
B.34 Library-Free DIA for PTM Identification and Quantification using PIQED: Application to Multiple Diet-Induced Acylation Changes in Mouse Liver Mitochondrial Proteins.
JG Meyer*, S Softic, N Basisty, G-X Wang, S Mukkamalla, H Steen, AI Nesvizhskii, E Verdin, BW Gibson, CB Newgard, CR Kahn, B Schilling
B.35 Quantitative proteomic characterization of an isogenic model of the 22q11.2 syndrome deletion generated by CRISPR/Cas9 engineering.
Y-H Lin*, NP Paranjape, AP Wiita
B.36 Coupling Semi-preparative SEC MS: Analysis of reduced and alkylated mAbs.
JH Robinson*, JO Hui, IDG Campuzano


Poster Session C

C.1 Identification of activity markers of kinases targeted by MEK, JAK and PI3K inhibitors.
P. Cutillas*
C.2 The use of nitric oxide as a radiosensitiser of hypoxic prostate cancer characterized by data independent label-free ion mobility LC-MS.
R. Martin*, G. D Stewart, J. Nanda, F. K Habib, C. Dorschel, J. PC Vissers, J. Ross
C.3 MS/MS analysis of sulfo- and glycopeptides: a practical view.
K. Medzihradsky* and Z. Darula
C.4 Analyzing human protein interaction networks with multifunctional affinity tags.
D. Daniels, J. Mendez, A. Mosley, S. Ramisetty, N. Murphy, H. Benink, K. Wood, M. Urh*
C.5 Enhanced sequencing of non-tryptic peptides by electron-transfer dissociation.
J. Meyer* and E. Komives
C.6 LymPhos database: A compendium of primary human T-cells phosphoproteome.
Emilio Gelpi*, M. Carrascal, M. Gay, O. Gallardo, V. Casas, J. Abián
C.7 ISDetect: A rapid and universal approach to the verification of protein termini.
Y. Gan*, C. E. Bakalarski, F. Yan, L. Zhu, J. Lill, W. Sandoval
C.8 Complexity, information, and the proteomes.
J. Sherman*, M. Molloy, Al Burlingame
C.9 Quantitative proteomics reveals the compensatory islet proteome response to insulin resistance.
J. Zhou*, C-W, Liew, T. RW Clauss, D. G. Camp II, R. D. Smith, R. N. Kulkarni, W-J. Qian
C.10 Discovering and profiling caspase-derived peptides in cultured cell lines by SRM to identify cell-type and chemotherapy-specific biomarkers of apoptosis.
K. Shimbo*, G. W. Hsu, S. Mahrus, H. Nguyen, J. C. Trinidad, D. Maltby, A. L. Burlingame, J. A. Wells
C.11 Systematic profiling of in vivo protein-protein interactions in transgenic mice.
L. Phu*, J. Wu, C. Bakalarski, A. Dey, D. Dugger, G. Lee, V. Pham, H. Zhu, K. Yu, J. R. Lill, K. Newton, V. M. Dixit, D. S. Kirkpatrick
C.12 The structure of early folding intermediates of mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase and its reduced form..
M. Villar* and A. Artigues
C.13 Quantifying the impact of human respiratory syncytial virus on cellular proteins by mass spectrometry.
K. Dave*, T. A. Reeks, E. L. Redhead, K. M. Spann, M. L. Hastie, M. J. Headlam, A. A. Bukreyev, P. L. Collins, J. J. Gorman
C.14 Discovering Hg and Se peptides in whole proteomes using natural isotope distributions observed in LC-MS/MS.
B. Polacco*, S. O. Purvine, E. M. Zink, S. P. LaVoie, M. S. Lipton, A. O. Summers, S. M. Miller
C.15 Glycoprotein profiling of breast cancer cell lines.
Ten-Yang Yen*, Judi Wong, Chris Alleyne-Chin, Christina Litsakos-Cheung, Roger Yen, Leslie Timpe, Bruce A Macher

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