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Ninth International Symposium on
Mass Spectrometry in the Health & Life Sciences:
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Poster Listing

This Symposium has Concluded

Poster Session A

A.1 Labelling of Peptide Fragmented Mass Spectra in Proteomic Studies..
B. Gerrits*, C. Panse, B. Bodenmiller, and R. Schlapbach
A.2 Exact Quantification of Complex Protein Mixtures using MeCAT Metal Coded Tagging..
R. Ahrends*, U. Bergmann, S. Pieper, B. Neumann, C. Scheler, and M.W. Linscheid
A.3 On the Reproducibility of a Fractionation Procedure for Fish Muscle Proteomics. .
P. Rodrigues*, T. Silva, F. Jessen, and J. Dias
A.4 Optimization of Peak Capacity in One and Two-Dimensional NanoLC..
S. Eeltink, B. Dolman, R. Swart, and G. Tremintin*
A.5 Improving the Utility of Electron-Transfer Dissociation..
K.F. Medzihradszky*, S.P. Salas-Castillo, A.L. Burlingame
A.6 Enrichment and Characterization of Secreted Glycopeptides Bearing SA1-0Galb1-3GalNAca Structures..
Z. Darula and K.F. Medzihradszky*
A.7 Enrichment of O-GlcNAc Modified Proteins by the Periodate Oxidation – Hydrazide Resin Capture Approach..
E. Klement, Z. Lipinszky, Z. Kupihar, A. Udvardy, K.F. Medzihradszky*
A.8 Proteome Survey Using Affinity Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry..
N. Olsson*, C. Wingren, M. Mattsson, Peter James, Fredrik Nilsson, and C.A.K. Borrebaeck
A.9 Sampling the N-terminal Proteome of Human Serum and Plasma..
P. Wildes* and J. Wells
A.10 Profiling Cell Surface and Secreted Glycoproteins Isolated from Human Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines..
T-Y. Yen*, N. Haste, A. Castanieto, A. Arcinas, and B. Macher
A.11 Chemical Cross-linking in Complex Mixtures..
M.J. Trnka* and A.L. Burlingame
A.12 Rapid MRM Assay Development Strategies -- Intelligent Software and Acquisition Strategies for Highest Productivity. .
S. Mollah*, M.M. Champion, and C.L. Hunter
A.13 Structural Proteins in the Complex Phage 201phi2-1..
S. Weintraub*, J.A. Thomas, K. Hakala, P. Serwer and S.C. Hardies
A.14 A Quick Method for Differential PTM Analysis of Hyper-modified Proteins by FTICR/ECD/MS/MS and Bioinformatics..
F. Li*, S. Guan, F. Chu, R. Talroze and A.L. Burlingame
A.15 Improved Data Mining by Using TPP-based Analysis Workflows for Searching MS/MS Data..
A. Quandt*, L. Malstroem, H. Lam, D. Shteynberg, R. Aebersold
A.16 Microwave-assisted Phosphoproteomics..
P. Liu* and W. Sandoval
A.17 Proteome Analysis of Apoplastic Proteins in Rice Shoot Respond to Salt Stress..
Y. Song, A.L. Burlingame, and Y. Guo*
A.18 Investigation Into the Use of Lys-N Combined with Electron Transfer Dissociation on a Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Peptide Sequencing..
J. Langridge*, J. Brown, S. Mohammed, N. Taouatas, I.D.G. Campuzano, and A.J.R. Heck
A.19 add A Novel pI Based Fractionation Device for Bottom-up Proteomic Studies..
S.M. Cologna*, W.K. Russell, G. Vigh, and D.H. Russell
A.20 add Evaluation of the Low-Specificity Proteases in Sequence Variant Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins Using LTQ Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer..
J. Wang*, O. Borisov, M. Alvarez, F. Vega, C. Yu, and V. Ling
A.21 add Microfluidic Chip-LC/MS for Rapid Glycan Profiling of N-linked Monoclonal Antibodies..
M. Bynum*, H. Yin, K. Felts, Y. Lee, C. Monell, and K. Killeen
A.22 add MRM Quantitation of N-Glycosylation Distribution in Therapeutic Recombinant IgG Using Triple Quadrupole Linear Ion Trap Technology..
L. Nuwaysir*, J. Albanese, C. Hunter, and C. Fernández-Metzler


Poster Session B

B.1 Elucidating Methyltransferase Target Amino Acid Residues and Downstream Modification Events by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry..
S.M. Eliuk*, F. Chu, B. Panning, and A.L. Burlingame
B.2 Ecotoxicoproteomics to Study Microcystin-LR Effects in Medaka Fish..
M. Edery*, M. Malécot, K. Mezhoud, A. Marie, D. Praseuth, and S. PuiseuxDao
B.3 Analysis of the Death Inducing Signaling Complex (DISC) Using Mass Spectrometry..
V. Pham*, Z. Jin, R. Pitti, Y. Li, D. Lawrence, A. Ashkenazi, and J. Lill
B.4 Proteome-scale Identification of Mitochondrial Transit Peptide Cleavage Sites..
E. Crawford and J.A. Wells
B.5 Enrichment and Analysis of Phosphopeptides Shaved from Membrane Fraction of Salt-stressed Arabidopsis..
I-F. Chang*, J-L. Hsu, L-Y. Wang, and S.Y. Wang
B.6 Identification of Protein-Protein Interactions using Chemical Cross-linking and CID and ETD Tandem Mass Spectrometry..
X. Du*, J. Rorie, S. Chowdhury, J. Adkins, G. Anderson, and R. Smith
B.7 Quantitative 2D-Gel Analysis of Isotope Encoded Proteins Using SERRS Detection. .
G. Knudsen*, B.M. Davis, S.K. Deb, Y. Loethen, R. Gudihal, P. Perera, D. BenAmotz, and V.J. Davisson
B.8 Global Analysis of Caspase Proteolysis During Inflammation..
N. Agard and J.A. Wells
B.9 Two Mass Spectrometry Based Approaches for the Investigation of the Heparin Interactome..
A. Ori*, M.C. Wilkinson, and D.G. Fernig
B.10 Electron Transfer Dissociation Analysis of the Urinary Peptidome in Pregnancy..
S. Hart*, R. Blankley, and S. Guan
B.11 Non-Targeted Characterization of Glycopeptides in Lysosomal Storage Disease Samples..
C. Dorschel*, R.R. Sprenger, J.M.F.G. Aerts, J.P.C. Vissers, and S.J. Geromanos
B.12 A Novel Combinatorial Library/Mass Spectrometric Approach for Detection of Autoantibody Signatures to Cancer-Associated O-glycoprotein Epitopes..
S.B. Levery*, S.K. Kracun, O. Blixt, E. Clo, K.J. Jensen, and H. Clausen
B.13 Peak Extraction and Deisotoping of Low-Level MSMS spectra from Quadrupole/TOF Instruments..
J. Chen*, J. Trinidad, S. Guan, and A.L. Burlingame
B.14 Network Analysis of Gcn5 HAT Complexes Refines the Organizational Makeup of the SAGA, SliK (SALSA) and ADA Complexes..
M. Sardiu*, K. Lee, S. Swanson, J. Workman, L. Florens, and M.P. Washburn
B.15 Quantitative Label-free Analysis of Complex Protein Mixtures Through the MFPaQ Software..
E. Mouton Barbosa*, D. Bouyssié, A. Gonzalez de Peredo, F. Roux-Dalvai, O. Burlet-Schiltz, B. Monsarrat
B.16 Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor: A Biomarker of Preeclampsia with a Role in the Pathogenesis of the Syndrome..
K. Williams*, Y. Zhou, and S. Fisher
B.17 Quantitative Comparison of 13-lined Ground Squirrel Kidney Proteins in Six Stages of Mammalian Hibernation..
N.M. Heidlebaugh, A. Karimpour-Fard, S.L. Martin, and L.E. Epperson*
B.18 add Fragment Assignment by Visual Assistance (FAVA) Program for Analysis of Complex High Resolution MSMS Spectra..
S. Guan* and A.L. Burlingame
B.19 add Optimizing the Peptide Quantitation Workflow from Biomarker Discovery to Validation..
K. Waddell*, C. Miller, and N. Tang
B.20 add Proteomics Approaches to Identifying Calcineurin Substrates in Yeast..
A. Goldman*, B. Bodenmiller, I. Uzoma, R. Aebersold, H. Zhu, and M. Cyert
B.21 add Initial Characterization of Lysine Propionylation and Lysine Butyrylation Pathways..
Z. Cheng, Z. Zhang, K. Zhang, and Y. Zhao*
B.22 add Immunoaffinity Based Phosphopeptide Capture Combined with AQUA Peptides to Accurately Quantitate Changes in the Inhibition of c-Met Autophosphorylation..
C. L. Farnsworth*, J. C. Silva, M. P. Stokes, J.-M. Ren, J. McNeill, and J. Rush


Poster Session C

C.1 Epitope Tagging of Endogenous Proteins in Human Cells for Discovery of Novel Protein/Protein Interactions..
T. Waldman*, J-S. Kim, W. Lane, and F. Bunz
C.2 Quantitative Analysis of the Phosphoproteome of Resting and Activated Human Primary T Cells..
P. Ruperez*, J.A. Oses-Prieto, A. Gago, A.L. Burlingame
C.3 ATAQS Computational Software Tool for High Throughput Transition Optimization and Validation for SRM..
M-Y. Brusniak, D. Campbell, J. Chen, M. Christiansen, E. Deutsch, C. Kwok, S. Letarte, H. Ramos, P. Picotti, L. Reiter, J. Watts, and R. Aebersold
C.4 Mass-Spectrometric Identification and Relative Quantification of N-linked Cell Surface Glycoproteins..
B. Wollscheid*, D. Bausch-Fluck, C. Henderson, R. O'Brien, M. Bibel, R. Schiess, R. Aebersold, and J.D. Watts
C.5 Chronic Ethanol Feeding Affects Proteasome Interacting Proteins..
M-P. Bousquet-Dubouch*, S. Nguen, D. Bouyssié, O. Burlet-Schiltz, S.W. French, B. Monsarrat, and F. Bardag-Gorce
C.6 Phosphorylation Dynamics at Synapses in the Central Nervous System..
J.C. Trinidad*, A. Thalhammer, R. Schoepfer, and A.L. Burlingame
C.7 Linaclotide, a Novel Peptide Therapeutic Agent in Clinical Development for the Treatment of IBSC and Chronic Constipation is Digested in the Mouse and Human Small Intestine to Small Peptides..
M. Kessler*, R.W. Busby, J.D. Wakefield, W.P. Bartolini, P. Germano, A.P. Bryant, C.B. Kurtz, and M.G. Currie
C.8 Large Scale Multiplex Stable Isotope Dimethyl Labeling Applied to the Quantitative Analysis of Tyrosine Phosphorylation..
P. Boersema*, L.Y. Foong, V. Ding, S. Lemeer, S. Mohammed, R. Raijmakers, B. van Breukelen, J. Boekhorst, A.B.H. Choo, and A.J.R. Heck
C.9 Structural Characterization of Novel Components from the Venom of the Mexican Scorpion Vaejovis mexicanus smithi by Electron Capture Dissociation and Electron Transfer Dissociation..
S.P. Salas-Castillo*, K.F. Medzihradszky, S. Guan, and A.L. Burlingame
C.10 Proteomics Analysis Reveals a New Player Involved in DNA Repair and/or Replication..
J. Gilmore*, M.E. Sardiu, S. Venkatesh, B. Stutzman, and M.P. Washburn
C.11 Quantitative Comparison of the Shigella dysenteriae Proteome Assessed by Two Label-free Global Profiling Methods, APEX and 2D gels..
S. Kuntumalla*, J.C. Braisted, S-T. Huang, P.P. Parmar, D.J. Clark, H. Alami, Q. Zhang, A. Donohue-Rolfe, S. Tzipori, R.D. Fleischmann, S.N. Peterson, and R. Pieper
C.12 Characterization of Protein Kinase C-catalyzed CYP3A4 Phosphorylation by LC Tandem Mass Spectrometry..
Y-Q. Wang*, S. Guan, A.L. Burlingame, and M.A. Correia
C.13 Analysis of H5N1 Influenza Hemagglutinin Glycosylation by LC/MS/MS Utilizing Hydrazide Capture SPE and HILIC Separation of Intact Glycopeptides..
T.A. Blake*, T.L. Williams, J.L. Pirkle, and J.R. Barr
C.14 Mapping the Chromatin Structure Controlling Life Cycle Progression of the Human Malaria Parasite..
A. Saraf*, S. Cervantes, L. Florens, and K. Le Roch
C.15 Developing Optimized Sensitivity for Proteomic Characterization of Minimal Numbers..
J.A. Oses-Prieto*, D. Maltby, and A.L. Burlingame
C.16 A Proteomics Approach to Overcoming Bacterial Drug Resistance: The Ribosomal QconCAT..
J. Barber*, Z. Al-majdoub, and S. Gaskell
C.17 Proteomic Analysis of the Venom from the Mexican Scorpion Centruroides limpidus limpidus..
C.V. Ferreira Batista*, O. VillaHernández, L. Hernández Orihuela, V. Pando, and L.D. Possani
C.18 add Proteomic Characterization of ALCAM/CD166 Expression in Normal and Neoplastic Thyroid Tissues and Cell Lines..
F. Miccichè, M. Fabbi, P. Mondellini, L. Da Riva, S. Ferrini, S. Canevari, M.A. Pierotti, and I. Bongarzone*
C.19 add Methodological Refinements in iTRAQTM Reagent-Based “Tagless” Strategy of Identification and Purification of Soluble Protein Complexes in Bacteria..
M. Dong*, H. Liu, M. Choi, E. Szakal, J.-M. Chandonia, S. Allen, J. Geller, M. Singer, G. Liu, S. Hall, S. Fisher, T. Hazen, L. Yang, J. Jin, H. E. Witkowska, and M. Biggin
C.20 add Profiling HDAC Inhibition in a Time Course Study of Colon Carcinoma Cells Using Immunoaffinity-Based Enrichment of Acetylated Peptides and Label-Free Quantitation..
J.C. Silva*, C.L. Farnsworth, M.P. Stokes, J.-M. Ren, J. McNeill, and J. Rush
C.21 add Complex Peptide Mixture Fractionation via Parallel Isoelectric Focusing for Direct LC-MS/MS Analysis..
D. Argoti*, W. Kuhlman, J. Dasch, and S. Haralampu
C.22 add Protein Characterization Using Rapid Chip Based Nanoflow LC/MS..
N. Tang*, C. Miller, and K. Waddell

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