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Poster Session A

Poster Title
A.1 Probing the molten globule structure of aspartate aminotransferases on an ion clyclotron-Fourier transform mass spectrometer in combination with hydrogen exchange
A. Artigues*, E. Gharst and J. Oses-Prieto
A.2 Monitoring chemical and oxidative modifications in human estrogen receptor alpha isoform
C. Atsriku*, J. Meza, G. Scott, M. Baldwin, B. Gibson, and C. Benz
A.3 The elucidation of the disulfide framework of conotoxin GIIIB using electron capture dissociation mass spectrometry
C. Brinkworth*, K. Hansen, R. Chalkley, M. McFarland, A. Marshall and A. Burlingame
A.4 Capturing the dynamics of GRP94 homodimer by using chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry
F. Chu*, J. Maynard, C. Nicchitta, and A. Burlingame
A.5 Characterizaton of IgG1 molecule by peptide map
S. Deng*, B. Bailey and A. Wallace
A.6 D. Dumlao*, J. Katz, J. Wasserman, M. Lansdown, K. Faull, M. Jung and S. Clarke
A.7 Optimising selection of Q-peptides for absolute protein quantification using QCAT
C. Eyers*, S. O’Hagan, D. Kell, D. Simpson, R. Beynon and S. Gaskell
A.8 Analysis of cell polarity protein regulation using high performance LC MALDI
C. Lock, K. Williams*, N. Bloomfeld, T. Covey, P. Kovarik, M. Yang, L. Taylor, C. Wells and A. Pawson
A.9 Subcellular organelles: We can take the cell apart, but can we put it back together?
C. Fenselau*, Y. An, Z. Fu, A. Rahbar, R. Strong and P. Gutierrez
A.10 Multidimensional separation of membrane protein digests using immobilized pH gradients coupled to LC-MS for enhanced sequence coverage and confidence
M. Hajivandi*, X. Liang, J. Leite, M. Blanton and M. Pope
A.11 Proteomic characterization of a natural microbial community reveals information about community structure and metabolic potential
R. Hettich*, N. VerBerkmoes, R. Ram, M. Thelan, G. Tyson, B. Baker, M. Shah, R. Blake II and J. Banfield
A.12 ABRF-PRG05: De Novo Peptide Sequence Determination
J. Kowalak*, A. Falick, W. Lane, T. Neubert, B. Phinney, C. Turck, S. Weintraub and K. West
A.13 Coupling a traveling wave collision cell with an oa-TOF mass analyzer for enhanced detection of peptide post-translational modifications
J. Langridge*, I. Campuzano, M. Ritchie and T. McKenna
A.14 Analysis of immunoglobulin G glycosylation at the glycopeptide level using liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry with subsequent ion current extraction
B. Macek*, J. Hofsteenge, D. Hess, M. Floegel and J. Peter-Katalinic
A.15 Proteomics on a Thermo Finnigan LTQ-FTICR mass spectrometer
D. Maltby*, A. Lynn and P. Baker
A.16 A quantitative study on the membrane associated proteins of Salmonella enterica: The effects of osmotic stress
R. Martin*, J. Langridge, M. Ritchie, P. Skipp, D. O’Connor and B. Cochrane
A.17 LC-Laser induced fluorescence detection combined with ESI mass spectrometry for quantitative proteomics
J. Masuda*, N. Morgan, A. Makusky, M. Nishimura, S. Maruyama, P. Smith, T. Phillips, J. Kowalak and S. Markey
A.18 Microfluidic nano LC/MS/MS increases sequence coverage and number of proteins identified from complex samples
J. Meza*, C. Miller, B. Miller, D. Horn, F. Kuhlmann and M. Manfredi
A.19 Acquisition of tandem mass spectral data in the profile mode dramatically improves data quality in multidimensional protein identification with TurboSEQUEST search
L. Ngoka*
A.20 iTRAQ™ reagents for the analysis of protein expression changes in liver microsomes after drug treatment
L. Nuwaysir*, C. Hunter, T. Settineri, W. Tang, S. Seymour, N. Kitteringham, R. Jenkins and S. Pennington
A.21 Use of crosslinking and tandem affinity purification (TAP) methodology to identify new interaction partners of the kinase Mst2
J. Oses-Prieto*, P. Rodriguez-Viciana, A. Joubel, M. Fried and A. Burlingame
A.22 Continued explorations in low level data analysis of peptide time-of-flight data
C. Paulse*, P. Du, E. Nieves, L. Jin and R. Angeletti
A.23 FT-ICR mass spectrometry for N- and O-glycoproteomics: Accurate mass determination, fragmentation and automatization
J. Peter-Katalinic*, L. Bindila, M. Foesch, S. Kölbl, M. Mormann, J. Müthing, G. Pohlentx, S. Vakhrushev, Vukelic and A. Zamfir
A.24 Identification of post-translational modifications via blind MS/MS search
P. Pevzner*, D. Tsur, V. Bafna, S. Tanner and E. Zandi
A.25 Quantification of membrane or membrane-bound proteins between normal and malignant cells isolated from the same patient with primary breast cancer
M. Pope*, X. Liang and M. Hajivandi
A.26 Proteomic studies on two closely related species of Octocorallians with special reference to the molecular characteristics from the organic matrices of endoskeletal sclerites
A. Rahman* and T. Uehara
A.27 Mass spectral identification of the enzymes involved in the biodegradation of sulfonated aromatic compounds
M. Magony, É. Klement, É. Hunyadi-Gulyás, K.F. Medzihradszky, K. Perei, A. Gara, P. Rapali, K.L. Kovács and G. Rákhely*
A.28 Parallel post source decay for enhanced protein identification: Analysis of 2D gel isolated proteins
T. Riley*, M. Snel, E. Claude, J. Langridge, T. McKenna and T. Franz
A.29 Evaluation of isotopic labeling of lysine residues of peptides for quantitative proteomics and de novo sequencing
J. Schmitter*, X. Kang, F. Godde and S. Chaignepain
A.30 Improving sensitivity by combining results from multiple MS/MS search methodologies with the scaffold computer algorithm
B. Searle*, J. Brundege and M. Turner
A.31 Developing high-throughput methods for the study of modified proteins at the intact protein level
D. Simpson*, S. Sharma, H. Mottaz, L. Pasa-Tolic and R. Smith
A.32 New machine learning approaches for classification of mass spectrometry database search results
P. Ulintz*, J. Zhu, P. Andrews and S. Qin
A.33 Multidimensional liquid chromatography employing monolithic PS-DVB capillary columns for bottom-up and top-down proteomic analysis of human platelets
R. van Soest*, I. Dragan, B. Dolman, E. Sneekes and R. Swart
A.34 Label-free protein quantification using LC-MS: reproducibility and statistical analysis with complex proteomes
G. Wang*, W. Wu and R. Shen
A.35 Strategies for generating sequence information from high mass peptides/low mass proteins using novel tandem TOF technology and iTRAQ™ reagent chemistry
M. Willetts*, S. Bhardwaj, M. Minkoff, S. Guertin and B. Purkayastha
A.36 Characterization of complex oligosaccharides using a hybrid ion trap and TOF mass spectrometer coupling with MALDI
F. Xiang*, A. Franz and H. Yu
A.37 Microtubule dynamics and drug binding studied by hydrogen-deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry
H. Xiao*, F. Wang, R. Angeletti, S. Horwitz and G. Orr
A.38 Radiolytic modification of amino acid side chains for quantitative protein footprinting
G. Xu*, J. Kiselar, Q. He and M. Chance
A.39 An automated top-down LC/MSn approach for identification and characterization of unknown yeast proteins
V. Zabrouskov*, Y. Du, R. LeDuc, M. Senko and N. Kelleher
A.40 A novel proteomic approach for high throughput membrane protein analysis
H. Zhu*, X. Lu, K. Fukada and A. Vien

Poster Session B

Poster Title
B.1 Mammalian histidine kinase and phosphohistidine detection
P. Besant*, X. Zu and P. Attwood
B.2 Separation of histone H3 for the characterization of the intact protein and its modifications
C. Brinkworth*, R. Talroze, S. Guan and A. Burlingame
B.3 Improved sample preparation methods for mass spectrometric characterizations of glycosylated proteins
W. Chen*, Y. Yu, P. Lee and J. Gebler
B.4 Characterization of posttranslational modifications on histone H2A variants
F. Chu*, R. Chalkley,, D. Nusinow, T. Fazzio, B. Panning and A. Burlingame
B.5 Identification and quantitation of cell wall-associated proteins from different vancomycin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus
C. Gatlin*, R. Pieper, S. Kuntumalla, S. Huang, H. Alami, D. Clark, E. Gebregeorgis, P. Parmar, E. Mongodin, S. Gill and S. Peterson
B.6 FTMS data analysis tools for characterization of posttranslational modifications of intact proteins
S. Guan*, X. Zhang and A. Burlingame
B.7 Enhanced sequence coverage of the peptide mass fingerprint for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
M. Hajivandi*, M. Blanton, J. Leite, X. Liang and M. Pope
B.8 An integrated proteomics approach to decipher the 26S proteasome interacting networks
L. Huang*, C. Guerero and P. Kaiser
B.9 Targeted proteomic techniques for discovery and post-translational modifications using a hybrid-triple quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer
C. Hunter*, D. Cox, S. Webb and N. Morrice
B.10 Location of cofilin binding site on actin monomer
A. Kamal, J. Guan, S. Almo and M. Chance
B.11 Conformational changes in Akt/PKB activation probed by mass spectrometry
H. Kim* and B. Huang
B.12 Identification and characterization of novel tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins identified by proteomic analysis of EGFR pathways
H. Konishi*, K. Tashiro, E. Yamauchi, H. Taniguchi, Y. Murata and H. Nabeshi
B.13 Identification of a common phosphotyrosine signature for the BCR-Abl fusion kinase
V. Goss, K. Lee*, A. Moritz, E. Spek, J. MacNeill, J. Rush, R. Polakiewicz and M. Comb
B.14 Effect of shRNA knockdown of protein complex subunits on complex formation and quantitation using SILAC technique
J. Leite*, M. Hajivandi, X. Liang and M. Pope
B.15 Mesoporous TiO2-membranes as MALDI-targets for specific detection of phosphopeptides in mixtures
M. Linscheid*, A. Melikyan, T. Moritz, S. Kurzawaski and H. Schlüter
B.16 Methodology for mapping and monitoring of phosphorylation sites using a hybrid quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer
S. Mollah*, M. Torres, M. Requard and C. Borchers
B.17 Phosphorylation of Bcr-Abl kinase and its downstream substrates in response to STI571 treatment in human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells
M. Pope*, X. Liang, M. Hajivandi, D. Wisniewski, B. Clarkson and M. Resh
B.18 Phosphoproteome of rested and activate lymphocytes
P. Ruperez*, J. Trinidad, J. Abian and A. Burlingame
B.19 Probing lysine acetylation in proteins: strategies and limitations of in vitro acetyltransferase assays
M. Schnölzer*, W. Dormeyer and M. Ott
B.20 Investigation of changes in the phosphoproteome as a result of expression of the leukaemogenic oncogene, TEL-PDGFRbeta.
S. Sugden*, C. Evans, A. Whetton and S. Gaskell
B.21 Protein isoform recognition and quantitation
W. Tang*, S. Seymour, A. Loboda, C. Hunter and D. Schaeffer
B.22 Enrichment and characterization of glycopeptides from gel-separated glycoproteins
M. Thaysen-Andersen*, N. Brünner and P. Højrup
B.23 LCMS and data analysis workflows for mapping phosphorylation sites from in-gel digests
J. Torpey*
B.24 Automated enrichment of phosphorylated peptides from complex mixtures using a combination of strong cation exchange chromatography and immobilized metal affinity chromatography
J. Trinidad*, A. Thalhammer, C. Specht, R. Schoepfer and A. Burlingame
B.25 Optimization of a quantitative method for phosphorylation-site occupancy analysis
R. Wei*, M. Burgess, M. Fitzgibbon, D. Friedman and M. Botfield
B.26 Liquid chromatography with electrospray-ionization mass spectrometry and fraction collection (LC-MS+) reveals fatty acylation of human apolipoproteins A-I and A-II
J. Whitelegge*, P. Ghasri, L. Yam, S. Bassilian, K. Faull, V. Schumaker and D. Puppione
B.27 Advances in LC MS/MS on a novel tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer
M. Willetts*, B. Williamson, D. Gostick, K. Parker and N. Araki
B.28 Chemical tagging and profiling of lymphocyte plasma membrane glycoproteins by mass spectrometry
B. Wollscheid*, J. Watts and R. Aebersold
B.29 Site-determination of disulfide bonds with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry
H. Yu*, K. Murata, J. Hedrick, F. Xiang and A. Franz
B.30 Five deamidation sites of ribonuclease A determined by top down mass spectrometry
V. Zabrouskov*, E. Welker, H. Zhai, C. Lin, X. Han, H. Scheraga, F. McLafferty and K. van Wijk
B.31 Investigation of the posttranslational modifications of yeast histone H3 and H2B by combined intact protein electron capture dissociation and digest LCMSMS analysis
X. Zhang*, R. Chalkley, S. Guan, J. Recht, R. Diaz, C. Allis, A. Marshall and A. Burlingame
B.32 Modification of ATP synthase alpha is associated with stimulated acid secretion by gastric glands
L. Zhu*, S. Karvar, J. Trinidad, V. Lao, J. Crothers, A. Burlingame and J. Forte
B.33 Developing peptide MRM-based assays for cardiovascular biomarker proteins in plasma using a hybrid triple quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer
C. Hunter*, G. Becker, A. Breite and L. Anderson
B.34 Proteomic analysis of cellular response to brassinosteroid in Arabidopsis
W. Tang*, Z. Deng, X. Zhang, N. Suzuki, R. Chalkley, A. Burlingame and Z. Wang
B.35 Conformational flexibility of IKB_
S. Truhlar, D. Ferreiro, S. Bergqvist and E. Komives*
B.36 A data-based approach for detecting protein-protein interactions by chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry.
O. Nadeau*, G. Carlson, A. Artigues, J. Paschall, G. Wyckoff
B.37 Protein Modification Analysis in Complex Mixtures using an LTQ-FT and ECD
R. Chalkley*, J. Trinidad, K. Vosseller, S. Guan, A. Burlingame
B.38 Maldi-Tof profiling of plasma from a human colorectal-cancer mouse xenograft model
C. Farnsworth*, W. Yu, J. Huard, B. Gliniak, S. Patterson, R. Johnson
B.39 Glycosylation in the CH2 Domain of IgG Increases Fc Resistance to Proteolytic Cleavage by Papain
S. Raju*, B. Scallon
B.40 Proteomic Analysis of Campylobacter Protein Biomarkers
C. Fagerquist*, S. Heath, A. Bates, W. Miller, L. Harden, B. King

Poster Session C

Poster Title
C.1 Proteomics in nutritional health
M. Affolter*, L. Lopes, L. Marvin-Guy, G. Bergonzelli and M. Kussmann
C.2 Comparative proteomics analysis of human colon cancer
F. Bahram*, D. Haid and O. Rön
C.3 Identification of secreted virulence factors from mycobacterial sp. using iTRAQ™ reagents and de novo based homology searching
M. Champion*, P. DiGiuseppe and J. Cox
C.4 Induction of RhoGAP and pathological changes characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease produced by ultrasound associated with high frequency electro-magnetic field discharge in the rat brain
I. Chang* and H. Hsiao
C.5 Identification of drug resistant proteins in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by proteomics
H. Chow*, X. Guan and J. Sham
C.6 Identification of GRIF-1 associated proteins using a proteomics strategy
W. Griffiths*, Y. Wang, K. Brickley and F. Stephenson
C.7 Advanced proteomic analyses of the trypanosome flagellum
S. Hart*, R. Broadhead, N. Portman, H. Dawe, P. McKean, K. Gull and S. Gaskell
C.8 Towards full proteome identification and characterization of Toxoplasma gondii
L. Jin*, C. Paulse, T. Huang, B. Burd, Z. Wu, H. Zhang, L. Weiss, R. Angeletti and G. Orr
C.9 Probing Arp2/3 complex activation by ATP and WASP using radiolysis and mass spectrometry
J. Kiselar*, R. Mahaffy, T. Pollard, S. Almo and M. Chance
C.10 Relative quantification of cytochrome P450 proteins in immune-deficient mice grafted with human tumours
C. Lane*, K. Karu, C. Seibert, W. Griffiths and L. Patterson
C.11 LC-MS/MS identification of the mitochondrial respiratory complex subunits separated on one-dimensional BN-PAGE in S. cerevisiae wt and mutant strains
C. Lemaire*, L. Negroni, A. Guillot, S. Marsy, M. Zivy and G. Dujardin
C.12 Optimization of sample preparation, ESI-TOF mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics for serum profiling
S. Leung*, R. Pitts and B. Wenner
C.13 Quantitative proteomics of colorectal cancer using cleavable isotope-coded affinity tags
Q. Lin*, T. Lim, T. You, S. Lo, T. Foo, S. Joshi, H. Shen, C. Ong, M. Chung, P. Cheah, K. Eu and C. Hew
C.14 Serum profiling: The analysis of therapeutic proteins and diagnostic markers for lysosomal storage disorders by LC-MS
D. Lin*, H. Vissers, J. Langridge, T. McKenna and H. Aerts
C.15 Proteomic analysis of vitamin-A dependent nuclear receptor binding proteins
K. Marley*, J. Macdonald, M. Beilstein, M. Leid, M. Schimerlik and C. Maier
C.16 Proteomic analysis of Schistosoma mansoni cercarial secretions
G. Knudsen, K. Medzihradszky, K. Lim and J. McKerrow*
C.17 Large-scale analysis of osteoblast differentiation by differential expression profiling
T. Miyamoto*, E. Yamauchi and H. Taniguchi
C.18 Method and strain comparison for proteomic evaluation of Salmonella typhimurium
H. Mottaz*, A. Norbeck, J. Adkins, J. Rue, J. Gustin, F. Heffron and R. Smith
C.19 An ultra-sensitive multidimensional protein identification technology for profiling proteins secreted by human HepG2 cell line, and proteins of normal human liver tissue
L. Ngoka*
C.20 Characterization of the mouse glomerular proteome
M. Nukui* and K. Tryggvason
C.21 Discovery of early stage biomarkers for metastatic breast cancer via principal component driven data acquisition
D. Pinto*, J. Melanson, K. Chisolm, M. Alaoui-Jamali, R. Bonner and L. Burton
C.22 Top-down microbial proteomics for phenotypic biomarker discovery
T. Williams* and S. Musser
C.23 Simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analysis of the E. coli proteome: A sweet tale
J. Silva*, R. Denny, C. Dorschel, G. Li, K. Richardson, D. Wall and S. Geromanos
C.24 Human urine proteome analysis by three separation approaches
W. Sun*, S. Wu, X. Wang, D. Zheng, Y. Gao, F. Li and J. Wang
C.25 Structural proteomics of low-risk and high-risk human papillomavirus proteins 86E7 and 18E7 probed by synchrotron footprinting coupled to mass spectrometry approaches
M. Sun*, K. Takamoto, R. Burk and M. Chance
C.26 Proteomic analysis of rat liver peroxisome: Immuno-isolation and functional analysis
H. Taniguchi*, M. Kikuchi, R. Nakata, S. Omi and K. Ikeda
C.27 Proteomic analysis of the secreted proteins of Chinese hamster ovary cells
B. Zhang*, W. Haskins, D. Krawitz, T. Moreno and T. Zhang
C.28 Directed proteomics of Alzheimer’s related proteins
M. Guttman*, G. Nubile, P. van der Geer and E. Komives
C.29 Proteomic analysis of cellular response during accumulation of misfolded proteins in yeast cells
J. Baek*, Y. Shin, C. Lee, J. Kim, M. Yu
C.30 CpG ODN promotes NF-ΚB activation and/or cell survival via up-regulation of Heat-shock proteins 70 (Hsp70) and Hsp90
C. Kuo*, C. Liang, C. Lai, S. Liang,
C.31 A resource for free, public proteome informatics software and data
J. Falkner*, P. Ulintz, P. Andrews
C.32 Detection of nitrous oxide (N2O) in nitric oxide synthase reactions
S. Weintraub, Y. Ishimura, Y. Gao, S. Panda, L. Roman, B. Masters
C.33 Measurement of DNA Oxidation in MCF-7 Cells Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
J. Mundt*, P. Henderson, R. Sumbad, S. Hah
C.34 Software for differential expression analysis using 2D and 3D representations of LC-MS data for interactive confirmation of results
G. Gendeh*, L. Bjorkesten, A. Kaplan, M. Soderstrom, H. Pettersen, S. Lindqvist, J. Flensburg, D. Fenyo
C.35 High Resolution Mass Analysis of Intact Proteins and Peptide Digests using the LTQ Orbitrap Hybrid Mass Spectrometer
T. Schlabach*, T. Pekar, K. Waddell, H. Muenster, T. Zhang, R. Kiyonami, K. Miller
C.36 Modification of Tryptophan to Kynurenine in Low-density Lipoprotein ApoB-100 by Iron-mediated Oxidation
H. Chen*, C. Chen, L. Chow, Y. Lee, H. Hsu, C. Smith, C. Yang
C.37 "Zero-length" cross-linking of "intact" protein complexes in solid state: A new way to analyze protein protein interactions
A. El-Shafey*, N. Tolic, M. Young, V. Kery
M. Linscheid*, R. Ahrends, S. Pieper, C. Scheler
C.39 DIGE analysis of seasonal changes in liver of a hibernator, the 13-lined ground squirrel
E. Epperson*, J. Rose, S. Martin

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